Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Thinking of buying a dog as a Christmas present ?

Over the last few weeks there has been much publicity over the latest attack by a dog on a young boy, whilst the dog responsible for this attack was one bred for aggression people are beginning to question whether dogs should be kept in households where there are children. Many people choose pets as Christmas presents and perhaps the most popular pet given as a present is a puppy/dog.

If there are young children in the household then what can be done to minimise any risk of attack (at this point it must be stated that attacks are relatively few)-

- when you buy the dog ensure that it has no history of aggressive behaviour.
- check that it has no history of not getting on with children
- if it's a puppy you need to consider how you are going to train it, not just the normal house training but how you are going to get both the puppy and the children used to each other.
- consider the breed of dog, some breeds are more friendly towards children for example the labrador retriever is considered one of the best breeds with childern as it is good natured, playful and non aggressive.
-children need to be shown how to behave around a dog, they must be taught that it is not a toy.

Dogs like most other pets can teach children an awful lot and can play an important part in their development, pets can be a loyal friend to a child and also teach them about responsibility in looking after them.

Tips to help if you are confronted by a dangerous dog

- avoid eye contact with the dog.
- do not turn your back on the dog.
- never run from a dog
- move away slowly with no sudden movements
- act in a friendly confident manner

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