Friday, 26 February 2010

Safety In The Garage

The garage can be a potentially dangerous place, particually if you have small children, as well as having to manoeuvre a vehicle in and out of a confined space you have to be aware of other peoples movements as well. In addition the garage is usually the storage place for all sorts of dangerous tools, substances etc.which tend to be stored in the garage so that they are out of the "normal" living area. Items such as power tools, heavy hammers, blades, garden pesticides, paint thinners are all commonly found in garages and any one of them could prove extremely dangerous to adults but especially children.

With regard to safety in garages two golden rules seem to emerge, the first is do not leave children alone in the garage, be aware of where they are and what they are doing. The second rule is to keep the garage tidy by following the tips below :-

- keep the garage floor clean and free from obstructions, any spillages need to be cleaned up straight away, this should minmise the risk of slipping or tripping.

- power tools should not be left plugged in, but should be stored away in a locker or cupboard (locked if possible)

- any articles considered of no further use should be disposed of accordingly

- shelves should not be overloaded

- if childrens items are kept in the garage (eg. bicycles)they should be kept where they can be easily accessed

- always keep substances in their original containers, for example do not keep pesticides in an old lemonade bottle.

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